Bob Barton, The Arts Educator

During the mid nineteen sixties, Bob helped pioneer drama courses in the secondary school. Those early courses launched in Hamilton, Toronto and Kingston, Ontario eventually led to the development of the first guideline for Dramatic Arts in Ontario Secondary Schools.

Subsequent to this, Bob worked as a consultant in Language Arts and Drama for the Hamilton and North York Boards of Education and eventually as an arts consultant for the Ontario Ministry of Education. During his years at the Ministry he chaired committees that developed the documents, Drama in the Formative Years, Growing With Books, the Arts Discussion and Arts Action Papers and he chaired the Dance In Education Committee.

Bob left the Ministry of Education in 1989 to pursue his work in storytelling, writing and drama.

He continues to teach drama at OISE/UT with the Initial Teacher Education Program and with the Additional Qualifications Program Dramatic Arts Intermediate Basic.